Choosing your officiant

Choose 4You want your wedding to be perfect. But how do you ensure that the most important moment of your life will be everything you’ve dreamed of? By choosing the right team of wedding professionals. And that includes having the right officiant. Learn the 5 keys that will guarantee the successful selection of your officiant today.

Your marriage ceremony is the centerpiece of your wedding day. It should be prepared and conducted with all the grace, thoughtfulness, individuality, spirituality, and care it deserves. The right wedding officiant for you is the one who will help you create a ceremony that captures the essence of your loving relationship and publicly inaugurates your new life as husband and wife.

There are five key ingredients you should consider to be sure you have found the right officiant – and none of them has to do with price. What you will pay for any service ought to be based on its value to you. To establish your officiant’s value to you make sure to get the answers to the following questions. Then ask yourself, “Is this the right person to marry us?”

  1. CHEMISTRY – Do you feel a connection with your officiant? Are you convinced that he cares about the most important moment of your life? Does he listen to you? Is he available?
  2. SERVICES – Does the officiant provide you with a range of service options (free consultation, ceremonies, rehearsals, relationship assessment, and coaching)? Or, does he simply plan to show up on the wedding day with a one-size-fits-all ceremony?
  3. CONTENT – Does the officiant involve you in the creation of the ceremony, or does he just tell you how it will go? Does he communicate the purpose, beauty, joy and promise of marriage in what he says and does?
  4. PROFESSIONALISM – What are the officiant’s credentials? Is he certified, licensed, or ordained by a recognized association or religious institution? Is he a trained expert or a part-time hobbyist?
  5. REPUTATION – What do former clients and other wedding professionals say about your officiant? Do current reviews, awards, or recognitions attest to the quality of the services he provides?

Services and fees for wedding officiants vary widely. In the US fees range from as little as $35 to as much as $1,500. How do you decide what is right for you? Even if you have created a budget for your wedding — and may have received advice from many trusted sources — you won’t know the real costs until you evaluate the importance of each piece of your wedding day in terms of its meaning to you. Nearly every couple I meet tells me “Nothing is more important than the experience of our ceremony.”

When it comes to knowing whether you and your fiancé feel a connection with your officiant, nothing can take the place of a personal meeting. That’s why I offer you a free, no-obligation consultation. It gives the two of you an opportunity to get to know me. And it gives me a chance to get to know you and answer every question you have.

Because three-quarters of the weddings I perform are for couples who live outside the Tampa Bay area, I do consultations in a variety of ways: conference calls, Skype, and in-person, depending on where you live and whether you will be visiting Florida. I am delighted to do whatever works for you in your special circumstance. Schedule a FREE consultation today. Call (727) 642-2090

I can’t wait to meet you and hear your love story.