Where Do You Start?

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A wedding is one of the most glorious events in life. Yours will be delightful as long as you prepare. Planning a wedding works best when you start from the beginning, and the beginning is your ceremony! DeArruda Wedding officiants are seasoned experts in every aspect of the ceremony, including things you might not have considered. Start planning now by choosing a free, no-obligation consultation. We will help you craft and manage the details of your wedding day so yours will be a fluid, seamless celebration of your love.

Take advantage of your own free consultation today to explore these elements of your ceremony.


Do you want a religious, non-religious or mixed tradition ceremony? If you want a religious ceremony, which religious tradition(s) do you want to include?


Do you want to write your own vows or choose from tried and true contemporary or traditional selections?


Will you enhance your ceremony with live or recorded music? Will you hire singers, instrumentalists or a DJ?


Contemporary and classic literature, including sacred scriptures, can be used to adorn your ceremony and speak to your heart. What will you use?


You will spend many hours creating a guest list. But what about the bridal party? Will you have groomsmen, ushers, bridesmaids, maid or matron of honor and best man? How many? Will you include a ring bearer or flower girl? And what about parents, grandparents, and blended family members? How will you include them?


Even though the ceremony itself may be brief, the size of your bridal party will affect the overall length of the event.  More time is required to gather and position a larger bridal party than a smaller one.  Budgeting the right amount of time for every part of your ceremony day  (hair and makeup, dressing, arrival of the bridal party, seating guests, length of ceremony, and pictures) will save you unnecessary headaches later on.


You may want to distribute printed ceremony programs at the wedding.  WE can assist you by providing the information you will need for your printer to produce an accurate program. It will become a much treasured keepsake of the day for years to come.


Do you have children and will they participate in the ceremony?  It is quite common to include children who are old enough to understand that a significant change is occurring in their life as a result of the change taking place in yours.  We can offer suggestions on meaningful ways to involve your children in your wedding.

Now you’re ready to Plan Your Ceremony!