Who Pays For The Wedding? Survey Says…

5.30.12.caketoppersonmoneyLove may make the world go ’round, but the money it takes for two people to celebrate that love can present some challenges. Who pays for the wedding is a delicate but important question that needs careful attention so that your wedding day will be the happiest it can be. Review our online survey for trends related to every category of wedding expense. Add your input by taking the poll.

Traditionally, wedding costs have been borne by the bride’s family; the groom’s family typically picks up the tab for the rehearsal dinner. But times have changed, and traditions are morphing.

Today there are as many approaches to funding and paying for a wedding as there are people getting married.So who is paying (or paid) for what at your wedding? Take our online survey to share your experience and see what other brides have done. How did you divide the costs? And here’s an equally important corollary: How did you reach this decision? Would you do it the same way all over again? Tell us what you learned.

You can see current trends by clicking on the VIEW RESULTS button at the bottom of each poll question form. Thank you for submitting your input. Tell us about your wedding. Contact us today.

Who is paying (or paid) for (choose all that apply):


Thank you for submitting your input. Visit this page in the future to see the emerging trends reported by other brides and families who are paying for their weddings.

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