We create and conduct Christian, and mixed-faith wedding ceremonies that capture the essence of your commitment to the great purposes and gift of married life. Congratulations on your engagement, and welcome to DeArruda Weddings, a site that’s all about the centerpiece of your wedding – the ceremony. Our team of ordained Christian ministers has been joining hearts, hands and lives in marriage for over 30 years.

We have the honor and great joy of performing weddings for couples from all over the world. Our goal is to help make your wedding ceremony the living reality of the picture you’ve always held in your heart – one of love, beauty, and devotion.

Love is holy. And its celebration ought to be happy. We are delighted to meet you, to hear your love story, and to help you realize not just the wedding of your dreams, but the marriage of your heart’s desire.

Of all the ingredients that make a beautiful wedding, none is more important than the ceremony itself. Why? Because the words and actions of your ceremony are how you will declare to each other and to the world that you you belong to, with, and for each other. But how will you say and do that? 

By the time you visit this site you are likely to have announced your engagement and your wedding date, picked out your gown, and reserved both your ceremony and reception venues. These details shape the wedding. Now it’s time to look more closely at what you want your ceremony to be. For more information on what your ceremony can look like see our PLAN YOUR CEREMONY and CREATE YOUR CEREMONY pages.

Your wedding day is the doorway into your marriage. We want to help you experience the full joy of married life by inviting you to explore the gift of your love through relationship coaching. Couples consistently tell us that their coaching sessions have improved their communication by providing them invaluable insights about their relationship. You too can celebrate your wedding day with confidence in your relationship.

You’ve come to the right place. Our team will expertly help you prepare your distinctive wedding ceremony, beginning with a detailed and personalized consultation. We look forward to helping you craft the wedding of your dreams to celebrate the love of your life. 

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