Hurricanes and Weddings

Six days before Hurricane Irma made landfall, it took me an hour to find a gas station in my neighborhood that still had fuel. Now, that storm and others have come and gone, leaving paths of destruction for many. And yet, Florida’s sunshine is breaking out once more.

I want to assure you that despite frightening media reports, your wedding day is likely to go off without a hitch. That may mean some adjustments, but we are here to help you with any needed changes.

For now the storms have exited our beautiful, sunshine state. Despite the threat of catastrophic damage, more than 20 million Floridians have come through the storm relatively unscathed. We are wet, and a bit tired, some of us temporarily displaced, and others have suffered loss of property and uncertain days ahead. Many prayers and heroic endeavors are sustaining us. Our spirits are strong. But most importantly, my award-winning team of officiants and I remain steadfast in our commitment to you and your wedding.

While the effects of the storm may require you to make some practical adjustments to your wedding day plans, we are still here to help make your dreams come true. I invite you to contact us at any time to reconfirm your plans or to seek our counsel on any rescheduling that might be needed.

DeArruda Weddings is honored and blessed to service clients from all over the country as well as international couples.  After securing our families and homes, there is nothing more important to us than your wedding. No matter where and when it happens, the moment you say, “I do” will tie the knot that will hold you secure to each other throughout every storm of life.

Wishing you every blessing as you prepare to be married,


Rev. Michael DeArruda, Director