The COVID-19 National Emergency is forcing everyone to make big adjustments. Getting married under these circumstances may seem impossible. But it’s not.


Your desire to be husband and wife is grounded in moral, spiritual, and practical realities. If you are in Florida and don’t want to wait to be married in a public ceremony, I can marry you online by conducting a virtual ceremony.


  • Allows you to be married now and reschedule your public celebration
  • Establishes legal and spiritual marriage
  • Observes social distancing and shelter-in-place orders
  • Saves time and money


Three things necessary to be legally married:

  • A Florida marriage license
  • An officiant with the legal and spiritual authority to conduct your wedding ceremony
  • Proper filing of your signed marriage license


  • Appear in person at the Marriage License Department of any County Clerk of Court office in the state. Click here for contact information for all County Clerk Offices in Florida. Bring two forms of identification and pay the $93.50 fee. Once you have the license, overnight mail it to DeArruda Weddings + Marriage.
  • By mail: If you cannot physically go to a County Clerk of Court office, some county courts are offering a “by mail” option. Click here for phone numbers to find a court offering this service. Once you have the license, overnight mail it to DeArruda Weddings + Marriage.

Your marriage license is valid for 60 days from the date of issue.

Couples who have completed a state-recognized premarital preparation course receive a $32.50 discount on their license fee and may use their license immediately.

For those who have not completed a premarital course, the license becomes valid 3 days after the date of issue. If you not a Florida resident your license is valid for use the moment the court issues it to you.


Florida Statutes state that “regularly ordained ministers of the Gospel, elders, or other ordained clergy in good standing with his or her affiliate church or denomination are authorized to solemnize matrimony.” We have held this status in Florida since 2003.

I will conduct your ceremony by live video conference. Before the big day, we’ll consult about all the details of your ceremony—including the text, special elements you want to include, and clear instructions for accessing the online venue. Family and friends will be able to join you in person or by logging into the video conference from wherever they are. I will dress for the occasion as if I were with you. You may wear a gown, tux, suit—or whatever you choose. It’s up to you.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, while the video feed is still live, I will sign the marriage license you sent to me.


It is the duty of the officiant to return the marriage license to the Clerk of Court for the county in which it was issued within 10 days of the ceremony. I will return your marriage license to the Clerk of Court by mail on the next business day following the wedding.

Your marriage becomes legal when the court receives and registers your marriage certificate. This is the same procedure followed for traditional public ceremonies.

All marriages conducted in Florida are recognized by every other state in the country.

If you request it, the court will provide you with an official copy of your license. I also keep a digital copy of your license in my client files.


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