The single most important part of your wedding day is your ceremony. This is how you will formally begin your marriage. Yours should start with love, laughter, delight – and competence!

How many times have you attended a wedding and couldn’t wait for the ceremony to be over? There’s only one way to ensure yours is the wedding of your dreams – by securing an expert officiant, who is able to provide you the kind of experience you deserve.

What does that take?

  • An attentive listener who hears and gets what’s important to you
  • A winsome, caring personality; someone you like and enjoy
  • Expert knowledge and experience about weddings and marriage
  • Professional standing – recognized certification and license
  • A proven track record of outstanding service
  • Effective, interesting and motivating public speaker
  • A rock solid commitment to the importance of marriage and family

Nearly every couple I meet tells me “Nothing is more important than the experience of our ceremony.” Here’s the true story of a recent bride’s approach to the ceremony, and her change of heart.

I’m embarrassed to admit that the ceremony itself was not among my priorities when my husband and I started planning our September wedding. We sought out DeArruda Weddings only weeks before our big day and had the wonderful fortune of working with Michael. He asked exactly the right questions to get to know us and, ultimately, help us decide how we wanted to structure our ceremony to make it our own. He helped us write personal statements that we will cherish forever and, in the end, he officiated a ceremony that was by far the most magical part of the evening. So many of our guests assumed we’d known Michael for years the way he so accurately described our relationship. He’s a true professional and a true master of ceremonies. Highly recommend DeArruda Weddings! Jennifer

We will take time and care to know you in order to create and expertly conduct the wedding of your dreams so you can celebrate the love of your life!



What makes the difference between just a ceremony and the wedding of your dreams? All the little things. Our ceremony packages include all the little things, including a lot of heart – no extra charge! Choose the one that’s right for you.



Travel and accommodation expenses may incur an additional charge.



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