The single most important part of your wedding day is your ceremony. Yours should start with love, laughter, delight – and competence. There’s only one way to ensure yours is the wedding of your dreams – by securing an expert officiant!

     Jennifer’s Story

I’m embarrassed to admit that the ceremony itself was not among my priorities when my husband and I started planning our wedding. We sought out DeArruda Weddings only weeks before our big day and had the wonderful fortune of working with Michael.

He asked exactly the right questions to get to know us and helped us decide how we wanted to structure our ceremony to make it our own.

He officiated a ceremony that was by far the most magical part of the evening … our guests assumed we’d known Michael for years the way he so accurately described our relationship.

He’s a true professional and a true master of ceremonies! 



What makes the difference between just a ceremony and the wedding of your dreams? All the little things. Our ceremony packages include all the little things, including a lot of heart – no extra charge!

Travel and accommodation expenses may incur an additional charge.


We’ve all been forced to adjust to life since COVID. It may feel nearly impossible for you to be married the way you had anticipated. If you’re facing this kind of challenge contact us for more information.


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