Your ceremony is the most important part of your wedding day. So nothing is more important to us than getting to know you and the vision you have for your life together.

Every ceremony we perform starts with a free, no-obligation consultation so that you can tell us your story and describe your wedding.

Based on our experience with hundreds of couples from all over the world, we will share our recommendations for just the right ceremony and related services suited to your traditions, style and and personality. You will receive a firm quote for the services you select when we meet.


  • A face to face meeting is always best, but not always possible. If you are in the Tampa Bay area we’d love to meet you in person.
  • If an in person meeting is not possible we would be happy to schedule a live video conference to make it as easy as if we were together in your own living room.
  • Use this convenient BOOKING BUTTON to choose the best day and time for your free, no obligation video consult
  • Or, call 727.642.2090

Let us know which meeting option works best for you.