Warranties are a part of your life.

You buy one for your smartphone, your home, your car and the tires it rides on, your computer, and your TV. So why wouldn’t you get one to protect the most important thing in your life—your marriage?

“Can we do that?” you might ask. Yes you can.

You can thrive and enjoy Deep Marriage if you learn and develop the skills it takes. What is Deep Marriage? It is the state of being married where the quality of your fulfillment, joy, and passion exceed what you ever thought possible. Deep Marriage not only withstands life’s inevitable challenges but shapes the character of your souls, transforming you into the people you were destined to be.

Nearly everyone wants this, but few know how to achieve it.

In the US, 35% of marriages that start off with hope for a bright future experience frustration and resentment, resulting in isolation, hurt, and pain leading to crisis and divorce.

No one gets married believing it will end this way. Hoping for success is a shaky foundation for accomplishing the really big things in life. And we can’t think of anything bigger thing than being married and raising your family. 

Still, like the proud owner of a new smartphone many newly married couples think, “But it’s new. It’s working. We’re happy.” It takes a lot more than a nice wedding day and a signed marriage license to create the Deep Marriage you want.  

That’s why we created the Marriage Warranty—to teach you the skills and hone the abilities that will keep you flourishing throughout all the seasons of your married life.

Here are some of the common challenges that couples face in the first months and years of marriage:

  • Our personalities and habits are driving each other nuts. Did we make a mistake?
  • How many children do we want and when? How should we raise them? 
  • How do I parent my child now that I am remarried?
  • We’re pregnant! And we’re not sure we’re ready.
  • My parents still see me as their child. How do we establish our identity as a married couple?
  • How do we build our new life when we have so little time together?
  • I stumbled on something troubling that I didn’t know about my spouse.  
  • Whose education, job, or career should take priority right now?
  • How do we figure out what’s worth fighting about?
  • My spouse’s family is driving me/us crazy.
  • Who takes care of it (car, bills, laundry, groceries, cooking, etc)?
  • How much time should we spend with extended family?
  • Do we have enough money to do what we need to?
  • How do we start a financial plan for our future?
  • My spouse treats our marriage as something that has been added onto his/her prior life. I’m feeling left out.
  • We’ve been faced with a crisis!
  • How do we celebrate holidays with each other’s family?
  • My spouse doesn’t want anything to do with my religion.
  • How do we clarify our core values and use them to guide us in our marriage?
  • My spouse doesn’t respect my political views.
  • I want a vacation—he/she doesn’t.
  • Our single friends don’t get that we’re married now.

After decades of work with hundreds of couples we’ve seen great success among those who have taken enthusiastic responsibility for their marriage. Even when they’ve faced some of the most serious challenges, they demonstrated resilience and strength. You can too!

Our Marriage Warranty includes monthly, quarterly and annual check-in sessions. Each one averages 60-90 minutes. 

We’re here to help you build and reinforce a foundation that will support you for the rest of your lives. An ounce of prevention is worth far more than a pound of cure!






As little as $2.60 per day to warranty your marriage!

  • 60 – 90 minute sessions
  • Customized packages and frequency to meet your needs
  • Achieve growth, happiness, and peace of mind
  • Sustain healthy marriage and family

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