Why have one? Because without it your wedding could look like this…


A wedding without a rehearsal is like trying to herd cats! Everyone tends to run in their own direction. You need it to be sure everyone in your bridal party knows their part in your ceremony. Don’t confuse the ceremony rehearsal with the rehearsal dinner. Both are fun, but only one will give you the inside scoop on the details of your big day.

You want everyone to enjoy the wedding. So it’s important to walk through the who, what, when and where. We don’t want any stray cats at your wedding!

In the few days leading up to your wedding your bridal party and immediate family will be filled with a mixture of excitement and confusion – excitement over the upcoming marriage, and confusion about a laundry list of logistical, last minute details. This commonly results in the bridal party being distracted and sometimes fuzzy about the details of their honored roles and duties.

That’s why you need a rehearsal, and this is where a seasoned wedding officiant is so helpful. We use the rehearsal time to make sure you and your bridal party know what to do and how to do it. And it’s a time for your officiant to build relationship with your bridal party. In a lighthearted way we will guide your party and help you focus on what everyone is to do.

We recommend that you schedule a rehearsal for your bridal party: bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls, ring bearers, parents, and of course, you and your fiance. This should happen a day or two before the wedding. No matter how many guests attend your ceremony, it’s the size of the bridal party that usually affects how smoothly everything goes. The routine distractions that could otherwise sabotage your timeline are minimized. What better way to enjoy your own wedding than to have peace of mind that your bridal party is focused and on point.

If you contract with a planner, or venue that provides you with an onsite coordinator, our officiants will work with these professionals to guide you through the process. Most rehearsals are concluded well within an hour from start to finish.

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