Preparing for a successful marriage entails more than just planning your wedding day. The difference between getting married and being happily married often hinges on how well you are prepared. Why not bulletproof your relationship now before you face the inevitable challenges that will come latter on? 



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Our unique Relationship Discovery Course helps you learn more about each other than you ever thought possible. PROLOGUE encourages your investment in the most important work of your life — Relationship Discovery. You’ll gain invaluable information, and the tools to use it to nurture your love throughout your life together. To find out more, schedule your free coaching consult HERE 



INPUT PROLOGUE begins when you provide information about yourselves by completing the online relationship assessment. Throughout the course you’ll share additional input when you complete a variety of engaging individual and couple exercises.

FEEDBACK You’ll receive feedback in the Couple Report generated by your assessment. Your coach will review your report with you and give specific feedback during each live coaching session.

INSIGHT Discoveries you make throughout the course will give you deep and accurate understanding, in a word – insight – about yourselves, each other, and your relationship. You will have the capacity to create the marriage your heart longs to have.

GROWTH The PROLOGUE to your marriage will be created when you act on the information, feedback, and insight you receive. With these tools you’ll tend the garden of your new life, enriching and enlarging yourselves as you become husband and wife, and grow your family.



  • What our marriage looks like
  • The 8 Great influences on your relationship
  • How to resolve marital conflict
  • Living a balanced life
  • How to manage finances
  • Cultivating and valuing faith
  • Communication 101
  • Positive parenting


We are certified providers of premarital preparation defined by Florida statute. The state of Florida recognizes the premarital preparation education we provide. When proof of completion of this course is presented to the Marriage License division of the Clerk of Court in the county where you secure your Florida marriage license, you will receive a discount from the court on the cost of your license. You will also bypass the customary three-day waiting period before you can use your license to be married. Check with the Clerk of Court for further details.

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