Nearly every big responsibility that you will take on in life requires training, education, testing, field work and certification. You don’t get to be a doctor, lawyer, teacher, financial advisor, hairdresser, or software engineer simply by showing up at a company and saying, “I’m exactly what you’re looking for.” You might be incredibly talented but that ability needs to be validated.

The two most important responsibilities you will ever take on – being married and having children – have almost no formal prerequisites! Of course you love each other. But how well do you know each other? And how well will you handle the challenges of marriage and family when you face things you’ve never experienced before?

Millions of couples get married every year and everyone of them expects to be happy. But the high incidence of divorce indicates that people may not be as prepared as they think they are. Imagine how you’d feel if you could walk down the aisle with absolute confidence in your future because you learned the art of marriage, and not just it’s mechanics.

The difference between getting married and being happily married is how well you are prepared. Being in love is not enough to sustain a lifetime relationship. The secret to a life-long marriage and family is knowing how to live with your spouse. The authors of fairy tales that end with the words and they lived happily ever after never got around to writing the chapters about how to do that.

Our coaching program builds on the relationship you already have by giving you tools to understand and know how to live with each other so you can realize your dreams and goals as a married couple. Our coaches are trained and certified facilitators with decades of professional experience preparing couples for married life. 



  • A Relationship assessment
  • A Couple Report detailing the character of your relationship in nine key areas that are part of every marriage relationship
  • A minimum of four, one-hour live coaching sessions
  • The option of face to face or video conference sessions from anywhere in the world
  • Relationship building resources
  • A Certificate of completion. Florida residents who present the certificate to the clerk of court when you purchase your marriage license will receive a discount
  • Invaluable insight about the character of your relationship and greater confidence in its strength


















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