Your Wedding Ceremony is the centerpiece of your wedding day. The services we provide will make saying “I do” one of the most inspirational moments of your life. Want one of our officiants to plan your ceremony? Contact us today.


All pricing is presented in an ala carte format. Our packages provide you attractive incentives for choosing multiple services


Of all the services you will pay for the wedding of your dreams nothing is more important than the experience of the ceremony itself. You ought to be absolutely certain that the officiant you choose is the right one for you. But how? This website explains the ins and outs of ceremonies. But there is no substitute for getting to know your officiant, and us getting to know you, than all of us spending time together. Every wedding we perform starts with a free, no-obligation consultation so that you can tell us your story and describe your dream wedding. Based on our experience with hundreds of couples from all over the country, we will share with you our recommendations for just the right ceremony suited to your traditions, beliefs and tastes. We will offer you quotes on two packages for your consideration.

If yours is a destination wedding we can meet you virtually, using Skype video conference. If you plan on making a trip to Florida during the months before your wedding we’d love to meet with us in person as well.  Contact DeArruda Weddings to schedule your consultation. We will help you create the wedding of your dreams. Call (727) 350-1491.

  • Prices range from $499 – $699 
  • Elopements & Simple Beach weddings start at $350

Your wedding ceremony should not be a “one size fits all” proposition. We approach each wedding as the sacred moment when a man and a woman claim one another for the rest of their lives. Such a moment ought to be shaped with sensitivity and crafted with care, offering experienced professional attention to every detail. So when we use the term “all-inclusive” here’s what we mean. Your wedding ceremony will be the fruit of:

  • Our initial meeting with you in person and by phone, email or video conference
  • Our preparation of the ceremony based on the choices you select from a comprehensive guide to Planning Your Wedding Ceremony
  • Our follow-up phone and email meetings to confirm the draft script of your ceremony
  • Our coordination with your wedding planner, photographer, videographer, and musicians so that your ceremony flows seamlessly
  • Our assistance in the acquisition of your marriage license, and of course
  • Our conducting of your ceremony on the day of your wedding
  • Included in each ceremony, no extra charge

Why have a rehearsal? While you may use this time to plan a pre-wedding celebration dinner with your bridal party and family, there is a much more practical reason for a rehearsal. Because you need it.

A wedding rehearsal is deliberately focused on the details of who, what, when and where. In the few days leading up to your wedding your bridal party and immediate family will be filled with a mixture of excitement and confusion; excitement over the upcoming marriage, and confusion about a laundry list of logistical, last minute details. This commonly results in the bridal party being distracted and sometimes fuzzy about the details of their honored roles and duties.

That’s why you need a rehearsal, and this is where a seasoned wedding officiant is so helpful. We use the rehearsal time to build relationship with your bridal party. In a lighthearted way we will guide your party and help you focus on what everyone is to do. A well-rehearsed bridal party will help make your wedding ceremony everything you’ve dreamed it would be.

The larger the bridal party the greater the need for a rehearsal. We recommend that all but the smallest of weddings include a rehearsal a day or two before the wedding as part of your final preparation. The routine distractions that could otherwise sabotage your timeline and the flow of the wedding day are minimized. What better way to enjoy your own wedding than to have peace of mind that your bridal party is focused and on point.

If you contract with a planner, or venue that provides you with an onsite coordinator, we will work with these professionals to guide you through the process. Most rehearsals are concluded well within an hour from start to finish.

  • $449 includes: Online relationship assessment, Couple Report, 4 one-hour coaching sessions, certificate of completion, 1 free follow up session within one year of your wedding

Celebrate your wedding day with confidence in your relationship. Preparing for a successful marriage entails more than just planning your wedding day celebration. You deserve the very best start possible in your marriage. As attested by couples who have selected this service, the relationship checkup made what would have been a great wedding day into the beginning of an even more grounded and exciting married life. Though highly recommended, we do not require that you participate in relationship coaching. Read more at the Relationship Coaching page.

  • Prices range from $299 – $599

Your wedding anniversary is a celebration of your the moment that marked the beginning of relationship and many couples want to mark the day with something more than just a party. The renewal of your wedding vows can be a deeply moving way to celebrate your joy.

I craft unique renewal services in which you and your spouse pledge yourselves to one another again, reaffirming your loving commitment. Using words tailored to reflect your special journey of love, I will help you plan an intimate, private ceremony just for the two of you, or a more elaborate gathering, perhaps linked to an anniversary celebration.

Whether you have been married six months or sixty years – any time is right to refresh and rejoice in your marriage.

Contact us today to schedule  a consultation for a service renewing your marriage vows.