You went into your marriage with the best of intentions. But something happened and it fell apart.

You’re not alone. Nearly 1 million married couples divorce every year. Many people report that the grief of ending a marriage is like experiencing a death. You know that. The heart’s wounds are the most painful to endure and often the hardest to heal.

Now you’ve regained hope, strength, and trust. Your heart has embraced the possibility of married life once more. Congratulations! This is a God-given instinct.

Marriage is not merely a civil contract, but a sacred commitment. In many Christian traditions marriage is a sacrament that joins husband and wife together by invoking the grace, presence, and blessing of God. When that sacred bond is broken by divorce, you must obtain a spiritual remedy before you can remarry.   

If you were previously married in a Christian ceremony conducted by a member of the clergy, DeArruda Weddings + Marriage can help you resolve the spiritual dissolution of your former marriage so that you can freely marry again.

This is not a roadblock, but a course correction. We conduct ceremonies for many people whose previous marriages ended in divorce from all sorts of unexpected trials. We work with and encourage every couple to build a strong foundation for an unbreakable lifelong partnership, no matter what you’ve experienced in the past.

Couples who long for the God-given order of marriage and family deserve to experience the depth of relationship that awaits them. We believe that forgiveness and reconciliation are necessary gifts to heal the wounds you have sustained. If you’re considering marrying again, we encourage you to call for a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss our services.



Who needs to receive spiritual resolution before remarrying? 

Anyone who was previously married by a member of the clergy in a ceremony conducted in the sight of God, who wants to marry again in a Christian ceremony conducted by a member of the clergy.

Why is spiritual resolution important?

The human tendency to push past the painful moments we experience without receiving the grace of God’s forgiveness and restoration leaves us with nagging doubts and unfinished business. The effect of divorce on spouses, children, extended family, friends and new partners cannot be handled alone. God wants to heal what you cannot by yourself. The church’s declaration of spiritual divorce is an act of grace relieving you of a burden that no one can carry, except Christ. 

Based on the holy scriptures of the Bible, the church teaches that the spiritual union of a man and woman as husband and wife in heart, body, and mind makes them “one flesh.” That spiritual relationship can only exist between two people. If you were previously married in a ceremony which was conducted by a member of the clergy of a Christian church, although you may have subsequently received a civil decree of divorce, the Church still sees you to be spiritually married. And your future spouse would therefore be marrying into an illicit relationship, committing spiritual adultery. To marry again without resolving the status of your first marriage would leave you in spiritual adultery, essentially having two spouses. It is out of the utmost care and concern for your spiritual health and wellbeing, and the flourishing of your new marriage, that we counsel you to take seriously the need to receive spiritual resolution so that you are free, morally, legally and spiritually to remarry.

What’s the difference between an annulment and spiritual resolution?

There is no practical difference. Spiritual resolution results in you receiving a Decree of Ecclesiastical Divorce. From the standpoint of the church you are then free to remarry and participate in all of its sacraments.

What do I need to do if I am seeking spiritual resolution of my former marital status?

Contact us for a free consultation in which we will explain the process of filing a petition for Ecclesiastical Divorce. We will confidentially review your situation, offer practical steps, and spiritual counsel to help you continue on the healing journey which has moved you to reclaim the purpose and goodness of your life.

How long does it take to process a spiritual resolution?   

On average the process takes 45 days.

What is the cost? 

There is a $150 fee to cover administrative costs. DeArruda Weddings +Marriage does not receive any portion of this fee.

Can I receive spiritual resolution without a decree of civil dissolution of marriage?

No, you must first process the dissolution of your marriage in the appropriate civil court of jurisdiction.

What body issues the Decree of Ecclesiastical Divorce?

The Office of the Apostolic Prefect of the Anglican Union for the Propagation of the Gospel reviews each petition submitted for spiritual resolution to a Christian marriage which has ended in divorce. The decree is recognized by all major branches of Christianity including, Anglican, Catholic and Orthodox.

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